Cultural Committee

“The mission of the Cultural Committee is to unite Latinos through culture and our folkloric traditions. We organize festivals, events that feature music and dance and poetry keeping alive Latin American Traditions and celebrating the new culture generating in United States while giving birth to a new culture here in DuPage County.”

Immigrant Solidarity Dupage’s Cultural Committee is dedicated to promoting cultural understanding by uniting the Latino and non-Latino communities of DuPage by celebrating events that are of cultural significance to the Latino community. The events we organize throughout the year feature local art, music, poetry, film, photography, dance, food, etc! If you’re a Latino artist, please use our Contact Us page to tell us more about your work and how we can help to exhibit it. If you are a non-Latino artist who has work that has been influenced in some way by a cross cultural experience then please use our Contact Us page to do the same. Please check our Events page to keep up to date with our schedule and please check our Photos page to view images from our past events!