We Speak English and Spanish!

Our mission is to educate, organize, and mobilize Dupage County around the rights and collective struggles of the Latino community.

Información de desempleo traducida

(esta es una traducción por computadora de contenido en https://www2.illinois.gov/ides/Pages/COVID-19-and-Unemployment-Benefits.... en 2020-04-03)

COVID-19 y Beneficios de Desempleo

Las prestaciones de desempleo pueden estar disponibles para algunas personas cuyo desempleo es atribuible a COVID-19. El IDES adoptó recientemente normas de emergencia para tratar de que el sistema de seguro de desempleo sea lo más sensible posible a la situación actual.

Corona Virus - Mutual Aid

Immigrant Solidarity DuPage is helping to coordinate mutual aid to those who are having acute difficulties during this disease outbreak.

We have so far been able to:

  • Shop for and drop off groceries for those who are quarantined at home
  • Provide some basic food and necessities assistance for those who are indigent

If you are a member of the Latino community and are in critical need of assistance, send an email to the address shown above and we'll try to help. You can write to us in either English or Spanish.